How Easy Is It For A Hanicapped Person Go To Disney World???

My mom wants to go to Disney but she’s disabled. She can walk, but is very limited. She doesnt have a wheelchair. Does anyone know:
Where can you rent a motorized scooter? At the value hotels? Do you take it on the bus and to the parks or do you have to rent on at the parks? Can you go on the rides in a wheechair…i mean she cant stand in line, but could get out of it and get onto the ride. Where does the scooter go when she’s on the ride?? I never noticed handicapped lines, do they exist? on all rides? How much does it cost to rent a scooter? Can you ride it onto the monorail? The only way my mom could go is if she rented a scooter so she has it all the time. I have NO clue!!! Please help, i would like her to come to my wedding!



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  1. Disney World is easily accessible to handicapped persons.
    Instead of renting a scooter at a Disney park, you may want to try renting one from a nearby medical supply company instead. On this page are some advantages and disadvantages of renting from a separate company:
    There are lots of FAQs on that page about visiting WDW with a scooter, and here’s another link that I hope you’ll find helpful:…
    Some rides will allow you to get on while in the wheelchair; others require that you transfer from the chair/scooter to the ride “vehicle”. All of Disney’s park maps list attractions where scooters are either allowed or if transferring is required, so be sure to get one upon entering the park. If you have any questions, ask a Cast Member – they’re very knowledgeable and helpful.
    While on a ride, your scooter will be taken by a Cast Member to the ride’s exit, where you can pick it up. I’d suggest tying a ribbon or another brightly colored piece of fabric around one of the handles so that your scooter is easy to spot if there are others that look alike (this trick also works for strollers, too).
    I hope you’ll have a great time in WDW.

  2. Disney does make concessions for the handicapped, and you can get volumes of info my connecting directly. It’s quite likely there may be some “Rides” unable to accommodate her, but I promise, once anyone is in the gate WDW will do all they can to make it a decent experience.
    They will offer wheel chairs, Hover rounds, is unlikely, though one probably would not be denied entry at the gate, seated in one.
    Handicap access is often offered through a separate entry exit that allows a guest the most direct access to those rides that are suitable, and that direct connect I mentioned will state any that are not. In fact in that alert and listing, should be explained how to access and/or alert entry staff/greeters.
    The monorail is accessible, as may be specific shuttle buses, but again, pre-planning is the key to HER having the best time possible.
    I wish you and your Mother well, and enjoy the experience, congrats on your wedding.
    Steven Wolf
    Just my two “sense”

  3. Disney rents wheelchairs and ECV’s. you can take a scooter on and off the monorail…a bit difficult since it is tight confines steering through.
    She would go to the front of the line and have to transfer out of the chair for the ride and they would have it waiting where she gets off.
    The hotels have wheelchairs…not sure about ECV’s.
    Here is a link from about Disney for disabilities

  4. Disney provides wheelchair ECV rentals in the front of each park this includes also downtown Disney. You do have to return these once you are done
    They also provide wheelchairs to the main gate from parking lot and the other way around for free.
    Yes wheelchairs can go in buses and monorails but not ones you rent from the park. If she wants her own for the whole trip Orlando Scooter rentals is a company that I see a lot riding around DIsney.…

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