Fairytale Wedding Favors

A fairytale wedding theme is a popular choice amongst many brides for their wedding day. So when it comes to wedding favors there is a lot of choice available. Whether you choose the archetypal Cinderella style favors or get creative and make something yourself, you will have a lot to choose from.

Cinderella forms the basis of most fairytale favors and includes pumpkin carriage photo-frames, candles, boxes and tea light holders, glass slippers for holding candies or chocolates, and slipper shaped frames, bottle openers and bottle stoppers.

But here are a few ideas for wedding favors from other fairytale stories.

Red Riding Hood:

In this story Red Riding Hood took a picnic basket of goodies to her grandmother and although she wasn’t rescued by a handsome prince, it is still a nice story! Look for miniature picnic basket favor holders into which you could place chocolates, cookies and candies.

Sleeping Beauty:

This fairytale doesn’t feature the more recognizable elements as Cinderella does, but roses do seem to be a theme throughout the story and you could add to the fairytale element by giving favors of crystal roses.

Alice in Wonderland:

There are many elements to the Alice in Wonderland tale which could be used for a wedding. The Mad Hatters Tea Party and The Queen of Hearts both provide much inspiration. At the beginning of the tale Alice finds a small bottle with a label which says ‘Drink Me’ the liquid inside was said to taste of many different flavors including toast, toffee and custard! Whilst you don’t have make such a concoction, why not give your guests small bottles filled with your signature cocktail instead, along with labels saying ‘Drink Me’!

Fairytale wedding favors do not have to coordinate to a particular fairy story but merely allude to one. In general they should be romantic and perhaps a little whimsical, as with Alice, but shouldn’t leave your guests confused as to how they coordinate with your theme.

Packaging can really help to turn an ordinary wedding favor into a themed one, so think about it carefully. Chest style favor boxes decorated with adhesive crystals make perfect treasure chests and bags made from velvet or silk with gold cords have a regal appearance. Gold or silver colored boxes or even clear plastic boxes with hinged lids also make good choices and will fit with a fairytale theme.

Choose pretty decorations with a little sparkle in them such as butterflies, flowers and bows. Failing all that you can turn to the Disney characters for inspiration and use stickers to decorate your boxes!

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