Don’t Know If We Will Be Able To Take A Honeymoon…what Should We Do?

My fiancé and I are getting married in mid-July and we booked a honeymoon at Disney World back the first of March. We both just recently graduated from College and are seeking jobs. The problem is neither of us has a definite job yet and the final payment for the honeymoon is due this Thurs. May 28. We have contemplated putting the final payment on her credit card and if we don’t get jobs then cancel the trip and the payment will be refunded, all except $100 dollars of the deposit i payed in March. The final payment is around $1,700. The problem with putting it on her card is that her mother goes through her mail and credit card statements and she is not able to make decisions for her self even though we are both adults and out of college. Also if we were to just cancel and rebook it if we get jobs before the wedding it will cost us more to book now at the cheapest hotel at disney and what we have booked is at a mid-line resort with all meals included, we actually saved $600 just by staying an extra night than originally planned. So I know this is long and I may have lost most people by not but for those that are still here, do you have any suggestions on what we should do? Or how we could pay for the honeymoon? We are confident that we will both have jobs before the wedding because its still a month and a half off. One last thing, I could put it on my credit card but my card is just a student card and my credit line is not big enough. Thanks for any suggestions!



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