Disney World For Our Honeymoon, Experiences?

My fiance and I want to plan our honeymoon in disney world. We stayed this year for 10 days at the pop century and it was the vacation of our lives!! We’re young…21 right now. Our wedding date is set for April of 2010. We’ve both been on other great vacations and get-aways but we both agreed that we had the most fun in disney. We’re young but we’re adults. We own our condo, work 9-5’s. It was nice to un-wind and get to be kids again in disney.
We want to stay at the polynesian. Our prefered dates are May 1 – May 10th.
Anybody been to disney for their honeymoon? How was it? Any tips?




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  1. My wife and I went on our honeymoon to WDW back in 1994. We had a great time! We did not make a big deal out of our honeymoon to the disney folks, as we were not staying on property, and all of the parts were paid by others. We stayed at my in-laws house (they live in Kissimmee), borrowed their car, my brother-in-law bought the tickets with money we sent him, and he bought us a day at a water park (typhoon lagoon).
    But we had fun even though we didn’t do anything special. It had only been my second trip to disney then. I’m not exactly sure what Disney does for honeymooners now, but we were farily poor when we were newlyweds and couldn’t afford much, but we managed 5 days, by staying with my wife’s folks, and eating cheap.
    If you want my advice, while the Polynesian is nice, you may be spending more money than is necessary on the hotel. Consider a cheaper moderate (or even value), and perhaps consider adding other options to your plan instead, such as the dining plan, or adding water park options.
    The Port Orleans hotel was very nice for a moderate hotel, and Pop Century is nice for a value. And my wife and I like the dining plan. This year we are trying the Deluxe dining plan.
    Take a peek at a couple of sites:http://www.mousesavers.com/
    A good site for finding discounts.http://allears.net/index.html
    A good general planning site. The best thing on this site, is the menus for all the restaurants. My wife and I use this to determine where we’d like to eat. The kids menus were invaluable for planning out the options for my 9 year old and 6 year old.
    I hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. i am with the other writer do a cruise for a few days and do a few days at disney if you want they will cut you a deal if not mistaken that way its not the compleate same……….. if you want to stay at one of there go and look up saratoga springs i have ownership there and go every chance i get the rooms are to die for and staff awsome you will love it there

  3. Aww, that’s where I wanted to go. We went to Hawaii, but I still would have rather gone to disney world. Maybe for our 2nd anniversary in a few months. I’ve been about a dozen times though.
    They have fireworks every night. There are dozens of nice restaraunts & clubs. You’re only an hour or so from Daytona Beach if you want to spend a day there. It will be very romantic for the two of you. Keep in mind though, April is spring break time, so it will be INCREDIBLY CROWDED.

  4. Hm, Disney… anything hadn’t come to my mind. I’m engaged to be married this coming April. Congrats to you and yours!
    I’d suggest checking out cruises because they include a whole lot for less money if you had to do everthing separately. Also, your interests may change a little bit since you’re still on the young side. (That’s a good young though.)

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