Disney Honeymoon… What Resort To Stay In?

My fiance and I want to go to Walt Disney World for our honeymoon. Our wedding is in early November, and we cannot decide which resort to stay in. We are looking at the Moderate priced resorts, because let’s face it we aren’t made of money.
I have been searching online and I am seeing alot of bad reviews of the Disney Resorts… This can’t be true, or can it? People having a bad experience at Disney?
Has anyone stayed a Disney Resort lately? Also, has anyone gone to Disney World on their honeymoon… what can we expect? What about the Disney Dining Plan.. or the special Packages…
Any answers would be great!
Have a Magical Day…



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  1. This is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon. My daughter did hers there last november and she had a fantastic time.
    We decided in the end to stay of the property in the hawthorne suites lake bona vista. This is only 20 minutes walk from downtown disney. There was lots to do with resterants and shopping. There was transport into disney and univeersal.
    Because it was suites it was really helpful. There was a fully fitted kitchen. Including a dishwasher. They made it special when she arrived with a huge basket of fruit and chocolates., The staff where really perfect helpful and friendly.
    They also lay on a free breakfast which was helpful.
    anyway I hope that helps. If you have any questions feel free to email me and I will answer if I can.

  2. The money situation depends on what you plan to do at disney world. If you are going to go to the parks, a less expensive hotel would be best. If its going to be a relaxing trip, then splurge. And the resorts are actually really nice. I stayed in the pop Century, when I was there, and it was pretty cool, but a bit crammed. So the value resorts wouldnt be the best for honeymooners. I would go with the Moderate. The carribbean Beach resort looks good. But whatever you do, stay away from the swan or dolphin resorts. They are way too business like. Im planning a Disney trip with my cousins after I’m out of tech school, and found some good movies on resorts on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jSHzhvWx…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=naWiqWY83…

  3. Definitely honeymoon at Disney World! 🙂 You will have an awesome time.
    My wife and I are big Disney fans, and we honeymooned there just last June.
    We stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside resort, staying in one of the “Mansion” buildings. It’s very romantic.
    Now, we’ve stayed there several times before, and stayed in many of the other Disney resorts — you’ll have a blast no matter where you stay!
    But, any of the moderates will be perfect. There are less kids at the moderates, and less “frantic” than the values.
    Bad reviews? I know that people do have bad experiences, but think about it — you’ll always get more bad reviews than good reviews on any site (most people only leave reviews when they have a bad experience). But, I’d rather stay on-site than off-site any day. Staying onsite gives you the complete experience, and you don’t have to worry about driving and parking — just hop on a bus and go!
    You can ask for a “Just Married” pin for both of you to wear (pick up at any Guest Relations window), and be sure to purchase and wear the bride and groom Mickey & Minnie hats — you’ll get “congrats” from just about everyone you meet. The Cast Members (Disney employees) will also go out of their way to make sure you have a magical experience.
    You may not get a lot of “free” stuff, but you’ll get smiles and waves and who knows what else (my wife and I got picked from the line at Kilimanjaro Safari and got put right at the front of the line).
    Be sure to get yourself a Photopass card when you get inside your first theme park, and make sure you take advantage and get your picture taken by every Photopass cameraperson you see. You can buy a CD at the end of your stay, and you’ll have TONS of great pics of the two of you…
    Well, congrats — and have fun!!

  4. We have stayed at value resorts, moderate resorts and even the Grand Floridian, and all are great. People who write negative reviews are a great interest to me… What do the expect? Say where you can afford easily. As to the dining plan it is a great way to save a fortune. Did you know you can prearrange all your table meals 180 days before you arrive. http://www.waltdisneyworld.com has a list of all the dinning options and which take the dinning plan.
    Congratulations on the wedding and have a great honeymoon.

  5. My husband and I went to WDW just the two of us before kids and I am so glad we did since we had so much fun!! We stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which was really neat. It was not cheap, but it was the coolest thing to wake up to giraffes wandering around below our balcony.
    We had the dining plan and it worked out well for us. We went through AAA for all of our travel plans and I feel as though we got a reasonable deal for our trip. Others may argue that they can get cheaper prices by doing things themselves, but AAA books tons of Disney packages, so I felt they really knew what they were doing. Also, you may be able to get a better deal since you are planning to go in November when it is not a peak time (unless you are going the week of Thanksgiving).
    Best of luck and have a great time!

  6. Try Dixie Landings, Caribbean Beach, Port Orleans, Wilderness Lodge, etc. I recently stayed at Port Orleans it was nice. I stayed with the Disney marathon about 2 years ago. It was good. I would also suggest the Yacht and Beach Club…awesome pool. Also if not on Disney property try Dolphin and Swan you can walk to Epcot. If you want to do a compassion of the area look at website for the hotel that I work at……… cporlando.com

  7. i may b 13 but i have been 2 disney twice and almost 3 times so i would recomend (since u dont want a super expensive 1) port orleans river side it is very nice but the hotel buildings r kinda confusing but the rooms r nice and it has a big pool and lobby and a water slide and good food with the resturants and stuff http://orlando.hotelscorp.com/index.cfm?…
    a more expensive but VERY nice hotel is the grand floridian it is very nice i got my hair done there once and i was amazed at how nice it was it has private adult pools toohttp://orlando.hotelscorp.com/index.cfm?…
    and just some advice when u need a nice dinner go 2 the contemporary it is AMAZING like im not kidding i may b 13 but i no good food and service
    hope i helped

  8. As with anyplace, every persons every stay can not be perfect. I have stayed in Disney over 25 times since I moved to Fla. 10 years ago, and only 1 time was bad (only the room, but pretty bad).
    Staying on site is great, for there are many bonuses, like free transportation, many places to eat, and extra park hours after others have left.
    To answer your question: All moderate resorts are nice.
    The 2 Port Orleans resorts are right out of Louisiana, with small boats that can take you to Downtown Disney (a very nice ride!).
    Carribean Resort is a very island like atmosphere, with some watersport rentals available.
    Coronado Springs is one of the more quiet resorts, very nicely maintained and well kept.
    The Grand Floridian is the ultimate Disney Honeymoon Resort, but very pricey. You do get location and ammenities for your dollar.
    Since little time is spent in the room or on resort property, my family & I stay at Pop Century, and are very pleased overall. No matter where you stay, there are plenty of people to address any problems, and management is always around to help. Make sure you let everyone know it’s your honeymoon.

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