How Many People Would Attend A Disney Destination Wedding?

I’m not engaged. But, I just answered a question about someone having their wedding at Disney World. I provide the Disney Weddings site. I decided, since I went to the trouble of googling it, I might as well read it.
Wow, Disney can throw some pretty great weddings! Not everything seemed too themey or childish. Some stuff looked really nice and elegant.
I also saw that the minimiumns for the low season are only $12,000-$15,000 which is not bad at all.
Now, I’m not engaged. But, I’m just being curious. If I someday decided to have a Disney Destination Wedding, how many guests would come?
Most wedding, are about 150 people. So, let’s just use that as the base. How many people who actually accept an invite to a Disney Destination Wedding, granted, they were given about 12-18 months notice?



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  1. I guess that would depend on if they can afford to make the trip and the hotel. Usually destination weddings don’t have too many guests because of the travel cost. My guess would be maybe 50 at most. Probably less though. Although I heard that you can have your wedding streamed via a web cam so that guests can watch your wedding as its happening on the internet. I would look into that so that guests that can’t make it there can still see you get married. I would also consider having an after the fact reception so that you can celebrate with friends and family back in your home town when you get back.

  2. I went to a Disney wedding. It was a small wedding, maybe 30 people. I think that everyone invited showed up. The minimums are for a wedding of like 20 people though.
    With a year in advance most people would go. It’s Disney, airfare is cheap since it is well in advance, and it is once in a lifetime to see that persons wedding.

  3. Oh, yeah 12000 dollars isn’t expensive? Maybe if you’re rich. I would accept the invite if A) I had enough money to pay for the hotel, B) I was close to the bride or groom, and C) a possible factor would be if I have to bring a gift. Many destination wedding couples have that their presence is considered the gift on the invites.

  4. It would depend on my relationship with the person getting married. I am not a Disney fan. But, for a sibling or best friend, I’d probably go. For a cousin or less close friend, I’d probably not make that much effort to arrange my schedule to attend. Only if it happened during a really not busy time of year would I go.

  5. in this tough economy i could not afford the gas to get there or the hotel, entrance ticket, or restaurant once there.
    I could afford a hundred dollar gift for a wedding in your hometown.
    edited to add: It’s a moot point becuase your principal is not going to let you off during the school year.

  6. Usually, immediate family only.
    Most people want to use their vacation time on their own plans . . . not someone else’s plans.
    Unless the potential guests just have the urge (and the money!) to go to Disney . . . I think only immediate family would be likely to attend. Maybe one or two close pals.

  7. I would, and I’m sure many of your good friends and family would do their best to be there as well. Maybe not your not-so-close friends or family though.

  8. It would really depend on how close I was to the couple. In these times when a large amount of people are unemployed, I would assume your guest turn ou

  9. If I could afford it at the time I think it would be a great idea. But now that times are rough, and job securities might not be so secure I am not sure that I would be able to afford to go. I think its tricky to ask people to go to a different state and have to pay for their own food and htel rooms etc, plus people would want to get a gift for the wedded couple, it kinda gets expensive.
    I guess to me it would depend on how close I was to the person. I would have to be pretty close to go thru all that trouble, as pretty as it may be and nice as a vacation as it would be, it would end up being quite a bit of money.

  10. Hi there,
    I recently wrote an article about weddings at Disney, and I was surprised too at how elegant, stylish and affordable they seemed. I was sure I was going to end up writing about hokey Cinderella themed affairs. I really like the butterfly theme wedding package.
    For most destination weddings the guest list is under 50, but it depends on how far Disney World is from the bride and groom.
    For most guests, attending the wedding would come down to money:
    – How much will travel cost?
    – How much time will they have to take off work?
    – Will they have to stay on site, or can they find budget accommodation nearby?
    Many couples off-set the cost by stating ‘No Gifts’ or ‘We prefer the gift of your presence at our wedding’ on the invitations. Some couples also pay for a percentage of hotel fees, or negotiate groups rates with airlines or hotels.
    Given that it’s Disney, most guests would probably make this their annual holiday, and incorporate a trip to the park, so with 12 -18 months notice, I would expect a high acceptance rate on a guest list of just about any size.

  11. I would say that probably only close family and friends would make the effort to go depening on the time of year and airfare costs …it also depends if you would be paying for anyone’s flights out to the destination site. Also family that have younger kids may see it as an opportunity to take there kids to disney land as well….. so exact number depends on how close you are with your and his family and your friends but I would still send out an invite to your 150 guest list they would like theidea of you inviting them or maybe not even an invite just a postcard saying your getting married there you could always have another reception when you got home or with your postcard it gives them the opportunity to give you a gift even if they aren’t going to your wedding ……

  12. With all the expenses of daily life my husand & I are obligated to, there’s no way we could save 12,000.00-15,000.00 to blow on a vacation, never mind somebody else’s wedding.
    We only paid 2,000.00 for our wedding total when we married 2 and 1/2 years ago….and since we are in our fifties we have to be concerned about our retirement funds being enough and going into retirement with as little debt as possible. Spend at least 6 times that on someone else’s wedding?
    If we accumulated 12,000.00 in one years time, it would go to practical things that are needed, not someone else’s ‘dream day’. We would not attend.

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