Which Disney World Plan Looks Best?

I asked a similar question and got some great responses that has made me start to re-think my plan of attack of Disney World 5/19-5/24 with the gf. What do you think would work best:
Option 1:
5/20 Wed – Epcot all day
5/21 Th – MK morning magic hours, HS before dinner
5/22 Fri – AK day, Epcot Night Magic Hours
5/23 Sat – Free morning (most likely end up in HS for star wars weekend and magic hours), end in Magic Kingdom
Option 2:
5/20 – Epcot all day
5/21 – Magic Kingdom morning MH, night Animal Kingdom (closes 4 hours before our dinner reservation)
5/22 – Hollywood Studios all day
5/23 – Free morning (most likely end up in Epcot), MK night.
If you think you have a better idea these are my only real constraints:
5/19 – Flight Arrives 4:30pm, so realistically after transportation and check in I may only be able to visit a park (Epcot or MK) for 2 maybe 3 hours.
5/20 – Open
5/21 – Day MUST involve being in Magic Kingdom at some time pref. morning, have dinner plans @ V&As late that night
5/22 – Open
5/23 – Thinking Magic Kingdom at night cus it’d be a nice way to cap our trip
5/24 – flight departs 1:15 pm
I really wish I had more time, all help much appreciated.



7 thoughts on “Which Disney World Plan Looks Best?”

  1. Personally, if I were you, I’d do Animal Kingdom on that first day. There’s really not a whole lot there (IMO, anyway), and it can be done in a few hours easily (was there in Oct. 2006 and did AK in 4 hours and I was bored for the last hour). Also, HS can be done in less than a day (unless it’s drastically changed in the 2 years since I was there). Here’s what I’d do if I were you.
    5/19- Animal Kingdom
    5/20- Head to Epcot later in the morning (don’t have to be there ALL day, won’t take THAT long), stay till close for their show.
    5/21- Magic Kingdom all day- Get there EARLY to see the opening show. Hit a ride on the monorail to get to the Grand Floridian/dinner at Victoria and Albert’s. (Depending what time your reservation is, try to stay at MK long enough for the SpectroMagic Parade and Wishes.
    5/22- Hang out in the hotel for a while depending on how late you were up the night before, then head to HS.
    5/23- Whatever park you want in morning, MK at night for wishes/spectromagic (especially if you missed it on the 21st).
    Are you staying on property, I take it?? Please say yes…lol. If you’re not on property, that’s going to make it almost impossible to make it to ANY park the day you guys fly in.
    *ADD* Just saw your other question and saw that you’re staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Just utilize the disney transportation and checkin stuff (can’t remember what it’s called, sorry). Check in at the airport when you get in and use the Magical Express (think that’s what it’s called) to get to the Disney area. The Magical Express can take your bags to the hotel, you and the gf can hit Animal Kingdom, and when you’re done, your bags will be in your room. Simple. (Ha ha…this couldn’t have worked out better with the itinerary I came up with.)

  2. It depends on your likes and dislikes. Animal Kingdom can be done in half a day. But try to get there early for fast passes to Kali Rapids and Expedition Everest. Both a must do!!!
    Magic Kingdom needs a couple full days. So much to see!
    Have a blessed vacation! Bring lots of sunscreen!

  3. Check out the Disney Dining plan, they are running a special now were you get it free, by the way don’t make plans it is best to go with flow, that way you won;t be stressed out

  4. Option 1 is better because you get to AK in the morning and don’t have the dead 4 hours on 5/21.
    Relax and have fun now. It will all work out and you will have a blast.

  5. Option 1 looks allot better. especially when your doing Animal Kingdom in the morning. I also like how you would be taking advantage of the morning magic hours.

  6. We’ll be there at the same time except we check in on the 16th!
    I never try to plan ahead of time because something always seems to come up. Plus, we choose our parks based on the weather. Sounds funny, I know. But Epcot and Animal Kingdom are a lot of outdoor walking, so we won’t head there if it’s unbearably hot or raining. Just go on the Disney site and research the hours so you know what parks are participating in the Extra Magic Hours. Then decide if you want to head to those parks to take advantage of the EMH or avoid them because of the larger crowd numbers. Just keep in mind that with a Base ticket you can only enter one park a day, so you can not do Epcot all day but EMH at the Magic Kindom… you need a Park Hopper for that.

  7. Take advantage of morning magic hours, but be fully prepared for a huge crowd when that park opens to those not staying on Disney property. Any park you go to during evening magic hours will be incredibly crowded until the guest not staying on Disney property begin to leave.
    Personally, I would plan to visit parks the day AFTER they have magic hours. Those parks tend to be less full.
    Regardless, don’t let the crowds scare you away. With proper planning, any time is a good time at Disney.
    Go buy “The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2009”. This was the best $20 I spent for my family’s July 2008 vacation to Disney. The book contains reviews for restaurants, hotels, and attractions on and off Disney property. However, the best part of the book are the touring plans! The plans give you step by step instructions on where to go and when to go in order to avoid the longest lines.
    For example: “Soarin” in EPCOT is one of the most popular rides in all of Disney. A 2-hour wait in line is not uncommon to partake in this awesome experience. However, using the touring plan in the book and maximizing Disney’s “Fast Pass” system, we were able to ride it twice in a row without waiting in line one time!
    By the way, if you don’t know what the “Fast Pass” system is, then definitely get the book or ask us that are in the know at yahooanswers. It’s fast, easy, and one of the few FREE things in Disney. Yes, it is absolutely FREE!
    Go out and buy the book today. I promise you will not be disappointed.
    Have fun!

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