When You Meet… You Know..

The moment you meet you know you are meant to be together… forever. Dating finally turns into Engagement and then, the big day, your Wedding day. This is such a spectacular event to plan, and sometimes can be the most crazy busy time of your life. Here are a few things that I think you should make sure you do for your special Wedding day.

First, breathe. I know, I know… your life is about to change, but if you don’t take time to yourself and just relax and not stress out you will not enjoy this process and you really want to be able to enjoy this process. Its every little girls dream to dress up in a beautiful big white gown and have a celebration with her all dressed up and the party looking just like she wants it to. However, if you’re stressed and getting mad at everyone in the process it will not be that fairy tale Wedding you have always dreamed about. So make sure you breathe, relax, and enjoy this process. Anyone who is anyone has had at least one thing happen during the Wedding process that they did not expect. So know that its inevitable, it will happen, so don’t stress it. As they say…. don’t stress the small stuff. I couldn’t stress that more!

Second, the colors and your Wedding day dress. The colors of the Wedding are very important. It really sets a tone to the whole day and evening. Make sure that you choose colors that good well with not only the season, but the time and the state and weather that you are surrounded by. For example, I saw a Wedding that was in Sedona, Arizona. Now for those of you who do not know about Sedona, Sedona is surrounded by rusty red and Orange Mountain and rock hills. This particular Bride decided to dress her bridesmaids up in Pink, which really clashed with the rusty red and orange mountains and rocks. Any other color would have been a lot better. Now on the other hand I recently went to a Wedding in Montana where it was snowing a few months back and the colors of the Wedding were light baby blue, black and silver. Now that’s a lot better! The Bride took into account of her surroundings, which made everything make sense. So all in all, make sure that you really watch for color and really pick something that not only make sense, but that feels right, good, and nice for you and all your guests to enjoy.

Your Wedding dress is another big deal. Make sure that you choose something that is flattering to your figure. I’ve known brides that we’re a big bigger boned and decided to wear skintight dresses. Upon getting their pictures back they we very unhappy with themselves and didn’t like the way they looked and were discouraged with their choice of dress. So really watch your body and figure out a dress that shows off your good qualities, and make sure that you can move around freely. You will enjoy your Wedding Day a lot more and will not be self-conscious all night.

Those would be my top three suggestions. It should be a breezy from there!



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