What Do You Think Happened After Happily Ever After? ?

All the Disney fairy tales end with “Happily Ever After”, but what do you think really happened when the wedding ended?



7 thoughts on “What Do You Think Happened After Happily Ever After? ?”

  1. I think they went home, had some kids, had bills to pay and jobs to do. They grew comfortable with each other and stood by each other through the boring and repetitive times and learned that that is real love. The end.

  2. she gained twenty pounds and started saying he didn’t understand her anymore…he started drinking too much beer …developed a beer belly and started flirting with the girl next door….:0) and they still lived happily ever after….

  3. Two kids. Gave orders to the palace staff to not treat the kids more special then other kids. Ended up raising too well rounded good kids then died of old age in there sleep. Content to die together.

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