Wedding Proposal Help?

Well… I got permission from her parents to marry her. her mom cried and her dad bought me a drink. We’re leaving for Disney Land the day after Christmas. I’m proposing in front of Cinderella’s castle because she’s my princess and always will be! I haven’t gotten the ring yet. I’m going out of town about 10:00. She thinks it’s for “school” stuff. I’m shopping for her engagement ring. I have about $1,000 on me. Here’s what I want to know. Should I go to a local store or to a big store like Kay or Jared’s? I’m also thinking of a ring something like this.…
what do you all think? I know she’ll say yes, since she told me she would if I asked her. But I told her I don’t wanna get married until I’m through with school. But I never said anything about getting engaged. 😉 anywhoo… help me out please! also, WISH ME LUCK! (and if you can think of a place better than the castle, please tell me, I’ve never been before)



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  1. you sweetheart. once you get to disneyland you will see that the empty square in front of disney castle is always filled with people. so, you will want to pick your moment, if it is in the daytime, you will be able to easily find a quiet space. if you decide to do it at night, find out if fireworks will be set off. if they are they will be set off after dark, most nights at 9:30 exactly. they go on for several minutes. find out for sure, some nights it is earlier. or not at all. you will have to get to the castle long before that to get a perfect viewing spot cause that is where everyone goes to see the fireworks. the fireworks will go off set to christmas music that will blare from speakers all around the little square in front of cinderellas castle. the park will have a christmas theme, and, you can ask if snow is going to fall afterward, right in front of the castle, some nights they do that, not every night. they make snow fall right after the fireworks, you can find out what the events of the day are going to be. disney is going to be wall to wall people the day after christmas, be prepared for giant crowds.

  2. Try a pawn shop…crazy idea but they have prices that are cheaper and the rings are really nice if you find a good shop. My fiance got my ring at a pawn shop and I cherish it.

  3. What a lucky girl… I think you’re doing everything right!!!! Best of luck to you and your girl!!! You’ll knock her socks off!!!

  4. Great ring, hope you can find it for the right price, I agree go to Kay or Jareds or one of the other larger chains, and hit the sales!
    Have you thought about getting a glass slipper to stick the ring in, since you are doing it in front of the Castle? Or I found this Coach ring holder too.
    ETA: I forgot to add GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  5. Oh the ring is beautiful! Very lovely!
    She is one very lucky girl!
    Good luck, I think you have the right idea!

  6. Dude If your proposal is any indication of the type of husband you will be this girl is soooooo…. blessed to have you. I think that everything is perfect and you cannot improve on perfection. My only is advice is to enjoy yourself and don’t get so caught up in the details that you forget to actually be fully present to enjoy this special event!!
    Good Luck

  7. the ring is gorgeous. I would check out jareds cuz they have a large selection and are rather reasonalbe. Good luck!!

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