Taking Pictures In The Disneyland Resort For A Special Event?

I have seen pictures of people who have had their weddings at Disneyland and they are absolutely beautiful. The pictures take place mostly in front of the castle. They are professional taken pictures. I am interested in taking pictures there too, but i was wondering if this was possible without having an actual wedding there. I am having a Debut that is Disney themed so having pictures in front of the castle with the people in my court would compliment my theme quite well.
Although I’d love my party to be at the Disneyland resort, it is way beyond my budget.
Does anyone know whether or not i could do this?
Who do i get in contact with?
Any suggestions.



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  1. The best way to get an honest answer is to go onto the Disneyland website and look for the guest relations phone number. You could discuss it with them.
    Im sure they have professional photographers available, but Im not sure on the prices.

  2. I believe the wedding pictures you have seen are from Disney World. Disneyland does not allow weddings in its park during operating hours (apart from the Japanese for some reason).
    Some people have their guests & photographer buy admission and then do a commando photo in front of the castle. The park frowns on staging group photos unless they are consulted, and that’s why there are so few wedding photos of Disneyland.
    The other answerer mentioned the shopping pass where you leave an imprint of a credit card and come back in a hour. That policy has been discontinued. Everyone who enters the park must buy an admission ticket.

  3. The pics taken at the castle on the Disney Weddings website were all people who had weddings there in front of the castle. You might be able to get them to take pictures for you but you would have to pay admission to get into the park and then pay the photographer. Even when you have a wedding in the park, the guests have to pay an entrance fee into the park (lame huh?). But that’s a big maybe. More than likely no wedding no pictures.
    Rumor has it (and by rumor I mean my friend did this once but I’m not sure if there were special circumstances) that if you leave a credit card at the ticket booths you can go into the park for one hour for the purpose of shopping, without being charged but if you’re not back in an hour they’ll charge the credit card the price of admission. So theoretically you could get a professional photographer of your own, get everyone into the park for one hour and get out with only paying for the cost of the photographer. But it’s risky cuz if you don’t get out in time that’s a lot of money.
    In the end though, it will probably cost a lot to get that picture. Best to use the money on something else.

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