New Years Eve At Disney World: Epcot Or Magic?

HI. Have you ever been to Disney for New Years Eve? Since this is my wedding night, i am trying to pick the best place. Epcot looks fun b/c of all the different bands playing and celebrations around “the world” but Magic K is classic w/ the castle, but videos show it is packed so forget doing much other than waiting for the parades and fireworks. There seems to be more to do at Epcot that wouldnt involve standing in a line. Also, I saw videos that showed the same Fantasy in the Sky and parades but it was the night before new years eve, is this true? Does Epcot have their same celebration more than 1 night? ty



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  1. One thing to take into account is the fact that the Magic Kingdom does not allow alcohol anywhere on their premesis. You’ll be drinking Coca Cola or water. Epcot has many different drinks with Margaritas from Mexico, beer from Ireland, wine from Italy, you name it. If you want to have a steriotypical new years eve with wine or champaign you won’t be able to have it at the Magic Kingdom.
    Also, the Magic Kingdom does the exact same fireworks every single year for New Years Eve. I don’t know about them having it the day before, that sounds like something they’d do.
    Magic Kingdom is almost always the first place to close due to capacity. Animal Kingdom is the second, then Hollywood Studios, and finally Epcot. I have only ever seen EPCOT get filled to capacity once and that was on the 4th of July, oddly enough.
    Remember that the middle of December until two days AFTER New Years Eve is the busiest time at Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom fills almost to capacity or to capacity every day between the 14th of December until New Years Day.
    Epcot also has much better viewing of their fireworks. All around the lagoon is pretty much fair game. The Magic Kingdom has in front of the castle where you see everything, unless you’re too close to the castle, then you see about half of everything. Off to the side of the castle on the bridge there’s trees blocking everything, and behind the castle you only see the backend of the fireworks. Also, no, you won’t be able to move, and people are going to be very, very rude. The Magic Kingdom is the worst place to go during the Holidays. Without the people, it’s the most magical place to be during the holidays. WITH the people, it’s like being in a lame mosh pit with lots of strollers and ECVs running you over.
    If you want my honest opinion, Pleasure Island has the best New Years Eve party.
    However, if I had to choose, I’d say EPCOT. I personally stay away from ALL the parks on New Years Eve if I can help it, especially since I’ve already seen the fireworks, and they’re the fireworks that they had before they had Wishes.
    Try calling (407) 939-6244 and asking the agent. The least they can do is say they don’t know.
    Also the day of New Years Eve, if you’re dead set on going someplace, make SURE to call the guest relations department of that particular park in the morning, like 20 minutes to a half hour after it opens, an hour TOPS. They’ll tell you if they think you’ll be able to get in for the New Years Eve celebration. Most of the time on New Years Eve Magic Kingdom fills to capacity by 10 or 11AM. The number I gave you up there can connect you to most guest relations departments at the parks.
    Good luck!

  2. magic kingdom i think gets more packed then magic kingdom
    epcot on the otha hand is romantic fireworks above the lake while eating a candle lit dinner and the parade is awesome and go 2 4 more info theres a page about it

  3. Last week I was at EPCOT and I loved it however I’m sure the Magic Kingdom would be the most magical place to be on New Years.

  4. Yeah this past new years eve they had the fireworks at Dec 30 and 31 at the MK might be doing it again this year
    I personally like Epcot for New Years eve go usually every year with my friends it is less likely to close for capacity unlike the MK which closes in the afternoon for capacity.
    Yeah at Epcot they have DJ’s that play all kinds of hits and techno and other which is really like a big club on NewYears Eve.
    Magic Kingdom has the 360degree fireworks which was cool but would never go back there again too crowded. Epcot can get crowded but ever since they had the “early bird fireworks” which at I think 7 pm they have the first fireworks some go home after it

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