Italy: If Youâ??re Dreaming of the Ultimate Romantic Destination Wedding â?? This Is Your Place

It doesn’t have to be just a dream any longer.  Italy provides so many ultra romantic options for your dream wedding.  And with the right planning or, preferably planner (remember we’re trying to reduce the stress by choosing a destination wedding), the dream can become a reality.    Here are some things to think about – answer these questions for you and your fiancée (after all, this is YOUR wedding – your most special day – NOT anyone else’s).


What is your personal style as a couple?  Are you formal – like to really dress up in traditional wedding gear?  Or are you a little more laid back – would prefer to look fabulous but be comfortable?  Do you really enjoy formal dining with fine china and gloved wait staff?  Or would something a little more rustic and simple work for you?


What kind of environment would YOU be most comfortable in?  Or would help create the most memorable moments for you?    Have you always pictured an outdoor wedding either on the water or in the country?  Are you prepared for some of the “surprise” elements that may include like wind or heat?   Or have you always dreamed of an elegant ballroom, impressive cathedral or rustic country chapel?


What are some of the most important elements of your dream wedding?  What will fill your memories?  Is it the food?  The flowers?  The music?  People being relaxed, laughing, having a good time?  Including everyone you have ever known in your special day?  Or being surrounded by your closest friends and family?  Is it the setting itself? 


After you have answered these questions together, then decide if you want to try to plan and coordinate all the details and travel yourselves from afar.  It can be done and there are certainly lots of web sites and other resources to help you.  Or, share your dream with a wedding/travel planner who is also a travel agent and let them take care of all the details.  This way, you will be sure that you are getting the very best value on all the travel components as well as someone to take care of all the little details.    Since an experienced planner will have access to all sorts of travel deals – group rates, accommodations, secrets that will make for a perfect trip, etc. – even though you are paying them typically 10-15% of the overall wedding cost, you will be saving at least that much in higher air fare, accommodations, etc. 


Picture yourselves on the enchanted isle of Capri – surrounded by azure blue water.   Or exchanging vows in a medieval chapel and dancing the night away in a romantically lit piazza.  Or pledging your love with the majestic Alps and serene waters of Lake Como as your backdrop.   All the while surrounded by your loved ones who are also having the time of their lives and perhaps their own dream vacation.    Now doesn’t that beat the banquet hall or ballroom or town Church or Temple where everyone else you have ever known has had their wedding?  And the best part is that it can be more affordable that you think.

Diane has traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe. She has a true passion for the journey and has helped friends & family plan their own unique dream trips. See what Diane can do for you at and get a FREE DVD as well as access to an Invitation Only Internet Shopping Portal. Or if you wish to book your own travel at When she isn’t out traveling on her own or helping others live their dream, she can found in her gardens in Eastern Washington with her husband, family and two lucky cats.
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