Good Itinerary For Disney World 4.5 Days?

So I’m going to Walt Disney World May 19-24th, we got 4-4.5 days to do what normally takes 7-10 days.
Background: GF and I are both mid 20s, and have already been to Disney Land and California Adventure Theme Park, so if necessary big rides we’ve done before (i.e. Big Thunder, space mountain, Splash Mountain, tower of terror) we can skip if we don’t have time. Not really interested in the water parks, although walking around downtown disney, the boardwalk and checking out the other resorts could be cool.
Option 1:
Tuesday, 5/19 (arrive 4:30 pm at airport, check into Animal Kingdom Lodge around 6:30 pm?) – Spend the evening touring the resorts/boardwalk/downtown disney, or should we just hit the parks (Magic Kingdom and Epcot open until 9 pm that night)
Wed, 5/20 -Hollywood Studios (9am-2pm), Animal Kingdom Evening (Magic Hours) (3-8 pm)
Thurs, 5/21 – Magic Kingdom 8am-2pm (Magic hours), Epcot 3-7pm – Dinner reservations at V & As 9pm.
Fri, 5/22 – Animal Kingdom Morning (9am-12pm), Epcot 1pm-12am (magic hours).
Sat, 5/23 – Hollywood Studios 8am-12pm (magic hours), Magic Kingdom 1pm-11pm (figured although it’d be the busier day, it’d be a nice way to cap off our last full day).
Sun, 5/24 (Flight is at 1:15 pm, so we’d have to leave at 10 or 11 am depending if we take towncar or magic express) – Dunno if we’ll have time for anything, maybe downtown disney for last minute shopping?
This gives us:
Magic Kingdom- 16-18 hours
Epcot – 15-17 hours
Hollywood Studios – 9 hours
Animal Kingdom – 8 hours
Downtown Disney/Touring – 2-4 hours
Option 2:
T- 5/19 – DT disney & Touring
W – 5/20 – HS morning, AK evening
R- 5/21 – Magic Kingdom all day, V & As at night
F – 5/22 – Epcot all day
Sa – 5/23 – HS morning, Magic Kingdom Evening
Sunday – 5/24 – DT disney if we can manage it.
Total time:
DT disney/touring: 2-4 hours
Magic Kingdom: 20 hours
Epcot: 13 hours
Hollywood Studios: 9 hrs
Animal Kingdom: 5 hrs
Sorry about all the detail, just really hoping we have a good plan (which also allows me to set dining reservations)



4 thoughts on “Good Itinerary For Disney World 4.5 Days?”

  1. Any park which has Extra Magic Hours is going to be especially full. You may wish to visit a park with Magic Hours for just an hour or 2 beyond the Extra Magic Hours and then spend more time at a different park. For example, maybe leave the Magic Kingdom by 11am on a day with EMH.
    Also, I noticed that you plan to visit the Hollywood Studios twice. I personally would spend Saturday morning back at Epcot. There is SO much to do at Epcot. I usually go to the Magic Kingdom in the morning on my first day. I live in Florida and get to go back often, so I usually leave no later than 2pm and go to Epcot until late in the evening. Sometimes I even go back a second day! Even when I am trying to do almost everything at Hollywood Studios, I think we finish by 9. I might would even delete your 1st visit to Animal Kingdom for the same reason. I think we did almost everything by 1 pm.
    Don’t forget to take some time to smell the roses! 🙂

  2. i would say go with option 2. there seems to be a lot less running around which gives you more time to enjoy yourself and not have to worry quite as much about getting from one park to the other every single day.
    i find that rushing back and forth between the parks takes a big chunk of time out of your day and tires your feet faster.
    no matter which option you choose i’m sure you’ll have a great time.

  3. I like the itinerary in your first plan. Going to Downtown Disney the first day is a great idea so you don’t get too tired and are able to relaxed for your next day in the park.
    The only issue I see in your 1st plan is that both of your Epcot days are in the evening. If you arrive there in the afternoon or evening then all the fast passes will most likely be gone for popular attractions and they will have long wait times, even during Epcot extra magic hours. Epcot will have some of the newest attractions that you have not experienced in D-Land so you will probably want to take advantage of it.
    Why not switch your day up and go to Magic Kingdom in the evening and Epcot in the morning on that Thursday? You will still be able to take the Monorail to the Grand Floridian for dinner and then you will be able to take advantage of the less crowded morning in the park. The M.K. has the most rides similar to what you have ridden already so if it more crowded that is less important than Epcot which you have not yet experienced.
    Also, check out and see which parks they recommend for which days on their crowd calendar. This may help you take advantage of lower crowds as well if one park of the two you are going to a day is a ‘recommended’ park.
    Another idea is instead of having a set schedule for Saturday why don'[t you wait and see what you feel like doing? By then you will have been to each park at least once and so you will have a feeling of what you might have missed that you want to see or what you really want to see again. This will give you more flexibility.

  4. Option 2 definetlt buy do t ruin your trip by following the schedule precisely have fun though. It’s best to do like one park a day uualky me and my family get an early start inthe morning and be there whenit opens stay till like one go to the pool and get showers andbhead back at night that plan works really good for us and plus your not sweating in the parks at the hottest time of the day

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