Destination Wedding Or Traditional Wedding

So the engagement has finally come and you are ready to start the planning on your dream wedding. Every girl has dreamed of the perfect wedding. Big Church, Fancy White Gown, Men in Dinner Tuxedo’s, Flowers everywhere, now society has this new idea. The Destination Wedding. Which do you choose, Traditional or New Age. Big blowout event or small intimate setting with close friends and family.
My wife and I are wedding coordinators that have coordinated and participated in both types of weddings. We have been the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in the local society wedding. We have been the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen in weddings on the beach and by a mountain stream.
All of these adequately fit the individuals that had them. The couple in the mountains would have been miserable in a large Church wedding. Likewise the Couple in the large Church wedding would have had an inadequate feeling had they not hosted this lavish event. So what is really the difference.
The first thought is that the small wedding is cheaper. Don’t be fooled by this at all. Generally speaking this wedding will have family and friends being transported to a resort destination, causing the cost of accommodations and food to increase. The wedding party is also there in the same location as the honeymoon site. So why use this option:
You don’t want family an friends involved in the Ceremonies at all.
You want to have a close knit wedding and get to enjoy everyone involved in it.
You are looking for something that is simply different from the norm.
Mother-in-Laws are overbearing and will ruin the wedding.
Better site for the Honeymoon location.
So the Traditional Wedding is the route you want to go. Well be forewarned there are several advantages and disadvantages to this as well. The cost of the rehearsal dinner and the reception have to be calculated. The guest from out of town have to be put up in a local hotel. So why spend the expense.
The Family generally does not have to travel as far and are local.
Your traditional minister can perform the ceremony.
Your dreams of the Perfect White Church Wedding can be fulfilled.
Old friends and family acquaintances will be at the wedding.
You prefer short amounts of time to be spent with many different individuals.
No matter which you choose, make sure that you are well informed and have read sites such as and These sites will provide insight into your coming decision and outline how others have dealt with this difficult decision. As I get older and purportedly wiser I wish my wife and I’s Large Church Wedding would have been a South Pacific Destination wedding. Then I get out the old Wedding Photo Album and see all of the relatives who were at the wedding and are no longer with us and am glad that we had the Large Church Wedding.
Make sure to Consider all details and take time to make this decision. It will define you as a couple starting into your new lives together.
Charles Cater

Charles and his wife run a wedding coordinator business in the Upstate of South Carolina. They have been coordinating weddings for the last two years.
This article may be reprinted freely as long as all links remain active.
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