Anniversary At Disney World?

My husband and I are going to Disney World in May for a vacation. While we are there we will be celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary. We are staying at the cabins in Fort Wilderness Campground. When I booked the vacation I said it was our anniversary, but we didn’t book anything special, like flowers or champagne or anything like that.
I know we can get an Anniversary pin from Guest Relations, but has anyone had Disney do anything really special for them as they were celebrating an anniversary there?
(I’m not expecting anything, Disney is great enough the way it is… just wondering)



3 thoughts on “Anniversary At Disney World?”

  1. My husband and I wore our anniversary pins, and when we ate at the Rose and Crown at Epcot, the staff gave us a menu that they had all signed. It was a nice, little extra special touch. If you wear your pins, you never know what might happen!
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. My parents received a free slice of cake… im pretty sure from any of the sit down restaurants not just the one we ate at. Just tell them you are celebrating your anniversary or even if someone is celebrating a bday. Thats 1 thing they do if you eat at a restaurant there.

  3. I once saw that a couple got some free chips at vending cart, not much but its something, its the little things that make Disney so special!

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