3 thoughts on “Where Could You Have A Wedding?”

  1. Well there are so many places. You could do a rooftop wedding reception, if there is a hotel around in your area that has a goregous rooftop. You can have one at a country/city club, they have beautiful ballrooms and reception halls. You can also have one at a cultural/arts center.
    I want to have my wedding and reception at the Hayti Heritage Center, as an African-American history major I really do love the idea of getting married in a cultural center, also it’s a converted AME church so they still have this gorgeous chapel. It’s way cheaper than some hotels. The Durham Arts Council around here also have beautiful spaces, so cultural/art centers can be a good and different idea.
    You can do it near a cabin or lake, in this area there is a castle that specializes in weddings. I’m providing you with a link called perfect wedding guide, you have venues some different and unique and you can look up the venues by location/state. That may give you some ideas.

  2. For the ceremony, we had ours at a church. For the reception we had ours at a golf course. It was surprisingly affordable…even less expensive than the hotels around here. I guess they make most of their money from people golfing. Having receptions and banquets is just “extra” during times that they usually are closed. It was really pretty too.
    I could have had my ceremony on the veranda at the golf course too if I wanted.
    A lot of people have their receptions (and ceremonies) at a hotel. Nicer hotels have banquet rooms.

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