What Would Be Some Goood Props For A Winter Wonderland/ Disney Theme Wedding?

My fiance and I are getting married in December of 2007. What would be some good props to use for a winter wonderland/Disney theme?



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  1. Glass Slippers as favours filled with candy. A carriage and horses for the top of the cake. Snowflakes on the cake. Snowglobes and little trees. Get invitations with a castle on it. With the words, Dreams Do Come True. Get the flower girl to throw little snowflakes down the isle with glitter instead of flower petals. Don’t forget your cape with the maribou trim. Also for transportation the horse and buggy would be perfect or perhaps if there is a lot of snow a sleigh pulled by horses.

  2. How cute! How about lots and lots of fake snow, use the snowflake theme in your plates, invitations and placecards.

  3. You might think about using Princess crowns to surround your flower centerpieces, Or maybe get some gossimer for draping all over. There are a lot of different colors and some are glittery too. You can look for it on line for “Anderson Events”. They have catalogs with all kinds of “themes” for proms and stuff.. There are others as well….
    You could put up a balloon arch behind the bridal table and under the arch (on the wall )you could have a Disney castle for a backdrop… Fairy wands stuck in plants, Pipe in some of the disney waltzes during dinner. Bridal dance could be the theme from Sleeping Beauty, “Once upon a dream”..
    Just a few ideas. Congrats on your wedding…Good luck with your theme. I’m sure it will be beautiful
    Oops.. didn’t notice the winter wonderland p[art, but ideas might still be useful

  4. If you need props you can call the Disney Merchandise Mail Order Line: (407) 363-6200. Ask them to check for wedding/princess items. I suggest to ask for store like Days of Christmas or the scrapbooking store, or any princess store.
    (I used to work at WDW, so I had the number.)
    Also, if you are interested, here is the number to the Fairytale Weddings Dept.: (407) 828-3400.
    I suggest if you want winter/Disney that you stick with either icy blue/white/silver color scheme and go Cinderella or go green, red, and gold and do something Snow White.
    You can get all sorts of things to go with either situation… Little glass slippers, cake toppers, etc. You can even use the Disney music to have your first dance to.
    Hope this helps, Laura.

  5. Personalized tiles for your guest– How about a personalized China plate that is food safehttp://www.aliciatappdesigns.com/photo_t…
    Any image on tiles

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