How Much Does A Wedding At Disney Cost?

my fiancee <– probably spelled wrong, told me a long time ago that she thought that getting married in front of cinderellas castle at disney world was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. i was wondering if anyone knew how much it costs or if there is a website that will actually tell how much it might cost? if i could somehow find a way to afford it i would love more than anything to give her the wedding of her dreams! please help!



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  1. Oh, that’s so romantic! That’s always been my dream, too! I’ve always wanted to be married at Walt Disney World, and especially at Cinderella Castle (there’s also many other locations around Walt Disney World) and arrive in Cinderella’s glass coach. The absolute least you should expect to pay for a Disney Wedding is $20,000-$25,000. A wedding at Cinderella Castle is extremely expensive, though. I’ve been to the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings website many times and also ordered the free DVD. You have to pay for everything indiviually, pretty much. You pay for the location, then you pay for the reception location, the cake, each indivual instrumentalist if you want music, each separate flower bouquet for the tables, stands for the flowers, the bows to tie the flowers together… lol it’s kind of ridiculous. If money’s not a problem, definitely go for it. But if you don’t have a lot of money… well, I guess you could always ask for cash rather than gifts from the guests at your wedding.
    I definitely suggest checking out the website. It’s been updated recently and now you can book everything online, pretty much. You can choose everything you want for the wedding, add it to your list, and then afterwards you can get an estimate of what it’ll cost. Also, order the free Disney Fairy Tale Weddings DVD, there’ll be a link on one of the pages…
    Good luck! I hope your fiancee’s dream comes true and you both have the most magical wedding!

  2. well, i am pretty much thinking that it will cost atleast $100,000 and try to get an online job if you want to afford it.

  3. actually the travel channel just had a special on the disney weddings u should try look at the travel channel .com and reaserching from there they gave prices and pictures of the amazing things they can do. they have over 10 wedding there a day. a norm ranged in the 20.000 mark but it was worth it when u see how they go all out.they totally cater to everything u bride wants. also this was disney in orlando flordia. happy hunting and congrats

  4. I dont know but I can guess thats its an outrageously high price considering that when you wanna buy a soda, its like $32.00 and a slice of pizza is like the price of a compact car

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