How Can I Decorate For My Wedding With Disney And Fall?

My fiance and I are getting married in the fall. We are from the country and we want to have a country wedding. Our themes are Fall, Country, and Disney(he proposed at my favorite place Magic Kingdom in Disney World at the castle). Any ideas for decorating?



3 thoughts on “How Can I Decorate For My Wedding With Disney And Fall?”

  1. Unfortunately, those three things do not really make an effective “theme” for a wedding. I think you can pick ONE of those and have a field day. I would probably stay away from the Disney theme for your wedding, unless you plan on having it AT Disneyland or Disney World. Otherwise, your beloved theme might come across as…ummm…a bit childish & tacky to your guests. Look at Martha Stewart Weddings (magazine) it has a huge selection of Country/Fall ideas. They are clever, but classy.
    BTW, I’m not knocking Disney, I just don’t really think it’s appropriate for an entire wedding. Save it for your honeymoon if you truly love it!

  2. Well to each their own. If you want all three do what makes you happy it is your day! You could work in fall by adding fall colored flowers and leaves in your arrangements, get a hold of some old milk cans etc to do your arrangements in or other country style rustic containers. As far as Disney goes perhaps a baker could make your cake in the form of the castle. It would have special meaning to you and your intended without being too tacky.

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