Has Any One Had A Their Wedding At Disney World Or Has Experienced One How Good Is It Giv Me Summore Info?

Oh, I’ve always dreamed of getting married at Walt Disney World! It’s my favorite place! I’ve seen a couple shows about it on TV, including the on on the Food Network. The cakes are beautiful, and there’s so many different beautiful designs. I ordered Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings DVD. It’s free, so you should order it if you haven’t already. You can get married pretty much anywhere on WDW property. Every Resort has a location… like, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort has the Wedding Pavilion, or there’s the beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. You could get married on Disney’s Boardwalk or in a courtyard at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. You could even get married under the Eiffel Tower at Epcot, or at the Magic Kingdom! I haven’t been to a wedding there, but I know that’s where I’m going to be married. The first time I went to Walt Disney World my aunt and uncle took us kid (my brother, cousin, and me) to the Polynesian Resort to see the luau dinner show. Afterwards we walked along the pathway that connects the Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resorts. It’s like a walk-of-fame. People who have had weddings or anniversary celebrations there have had there names put in stone squares. I want a square with my husband’s and my name and the date we were married. It’s so romantic. Anyway, I suggest you order that DVD and check out the website…http://www.disneyweddings.go.com/
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4 thoughts on “Has Any One Had A Their Wedding At Disney World Or Has Experienced One How Good Is It Giv Me Summore Info?”

  1. ooh i saw a thing on food channel about this they said it was like amazing the cakes are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would definitly go for it!!!!!

  2. I haven’t been to a wedding there, but I know people can have it almost anywhere in Disneyworld you want in any parks if your willing to pay the price they give you. I also think some hotels will give out better packaging deals on Hooneymoons if you stay at their hotel and get married somewhere in a Park in Disneyworld.

  3. HI im from England and got married at the wedding pavillion last yr in september , i have to say after visiting disney about 18 times as a child i knew their was no other place for my very special day .
    my wedding planner was just amazing and she came with the price of the package the photographer was the most professional i have ever met and took some truely wonderful pictures really captured the romance of the day the cake well i dont know where to start it was stunning and made me cry as soon as i saw it and tasted superb it would have feed about 30 people i was expecting it to be much smaller considering it was also in the package and you get so many choices of fillings .
    we had a limo for 6 hours which our 3 boys loved , it collected my husband first so i did not see him before the ceremony which was fantastic the bridal suite that you go into when you arrive at the pavillion was so beautiful i cried instantly , i did not realise at the time but my husbands best man had forgot the cd with the music i was ment to walk down the aisle to but no worries as the violinist downloaded it listened to it and then played it on the violin to perfection amazing since he had never heard or played the song before .

    all in all it really was the best day of our lives and i wish i could do it all over again i just have to add that i have never been to such a profesional well organised wedding and i have been to quite a few it really was every inch the FAIRY TAIL p.s my flowers was out of this would so many pink roses i had to keep putting it down as it was heavy around 3 and a half doven roses


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