Disney Escape Weddings?

Anyone have an intimate wedding at Disney World….they call it the “escape” wedding? Been to one? Is it cheesy? I love Disney but its less about characters and more about the atmosphere….a second wedding for both of us with just our families, children and close friends in attendance.



3 thoughts on “Disney Escape Weddings?”

  1. I’ve seen one. It was very nice. They didn’t have a character theme; they just like the atmosphere. Disney weddings are very beautiful and the food is excellent.

  2. I think it is romantic. Sunset point looks beautiful. However I am one of those people that doesnt go for the 2 wedding things. Weddings are a special day. I think if you have children you should have them at your wedding. I would go with a reception after you come back but not another wedding.

  3. A friend of mine had a Disney escape wedding with a Cinderella theme. I did not attend, but from the pictures it looked absolutely amazing. I don’t think its cheesy at all. If its what you both want, then go for it.

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