Want a Disney Wedding in Hawaii? You can now!

Disney Resort at Ko OlinaYep, that’s right. After Disney finishes building their first family destination resort in Hawaii in 2011 you will be able to have your Disney Fairy Tale Wedding in Hawaii.

The resort will be located in the picturesque Ko Olina area on the western side of Oahu and is to include 350 traditional hotel rooms and feature 480 timeshare vacation villas.

Plans also inlcude a pool and water play area, an 18,000 square-foot spa, A WEDDING LAWN, a 8,000 square-foot convention center, and a children’s club.


Disney Resort at Ko Olina Hawaii


I would image that Disney Fairy Tale Weddings will extend all their services to this location as well. So, keep on the lookout for more info on weddings at this new Disney Resort in Hawaii. DISNEY and HAWAII – Sounds like a great place for a Honeymoon!


Disney Resort at Ko Olina Hawaii



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